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"For the First Time" is KC Concepcion's first appearance in the big screen. This also marks the first time that actors from the two rival networks have been allowed to team-up for a film. Richard Gutierrez is GMA-7's hottest male star while KC Concepcion is an exclusive contract artist of Star Cinema, ABS-CBN's film production company. The film was shot in the Philippines and in Santorini, Greece.

It follows the lives of two individuals from very different worlds. Seth (Richard Gutierrez) is a rich, impulsive playboy who runs away from serious relationships and doesn't give much thought to the women he goes out with. Pia (KC Concepcion), meanwhile, is a prude, ambitious girl who feels responsible for the tragedy that has befallen her life.

It is the story of how love changes people. A rake is transformed into a committed gentleman because of love and a woman who refuses to fall in love and suppresses her emotions by putting up a front decides to take another chance.

When Seth and Pia meet by accident in Santorini, they spend an unforgettable summer together, until Seth runs away again, scared of the very unusual feeling that is happening within him.

This struggle between emotional attraction and rational repulsion is further enhanced when Seth comes back to Manila and tries his best to again cross his path with Pia and regain her affection.

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